Victorian Coromandel Domed Top Travelling Box c.1870

A stunning Victorian domed top coromandel travelling box c.1870. The lid and front of the box are edged in brass. The centre of the lid has an inlaid brass plaque underneath which is a decorative brass inlay. The front of the box has a brass escutcheon. The lift-up lid reveals a fitted section which contains cut-glass containers with silver plated lids. A lift-out velvet pad houses a pair of scissors, a glove hook and a sewing implement. The lid houses a letter compartment and lift-out mirror. The hinges and locking plate are brass engraved. At this point you cannot tell that amazingly this box has a drop front with two drawers. Each drawer has an inlaid silver plated decorated plate with an inset handle. The first drawer is for storage and the second pulls out to reveal a fitted blue satin jewellery section. It measures 31cm. wide x 23.5cm. deep x 21cm. high.