Victorian Walnut Domed Top Writing Box - Parkins & Gotto

A stunning Victorian walnut domed top stationery box by "Parkins & Gotto" c.1870. The box is brass bound around the edge and has fine engraving on it. There are two lines of brass stringing inset from the border. The centre of the domed lid has a round brass plaque the outer edge of which is finely engraved. An inlaid brass circle surrounds the plaque. The front of the box has an escutcheon with surrounding brass decoration to match the top. The lift-up lid reveals a gilded leather and blue velvet compartment within for storing cards and letters. A press button within the lid allows the compartment to drop forward slightly for ease of accessing the contents of the lid. Across the back are the two original inkwells, two lidded compartments for sealing waxes, nibs etc. and a rectangular lift-out tray with small compartments underneath. This is only box we have ever seen with its three original porcelain tablets which were used for writing aide memoirs on. These are mounted in leather which is beautifully gilded. The part of the box housing the porcelain tablets folds forward to reveal the writing slope of the box. This retains its original lush blue velvet lining which is tooled and gilded. Please note that all the brass hinges and escutcheons are finely engraved. The lockable compartment opens to reveal a mahogany interior and bears an inlaid plaque Parkins & Gotto Oxford Street London. It is extremely rare to find a maker`s plaque within a box as only the very best of boxes would have had this. There is another smaller storage compartment at the front of the slope. Measurements when closed 38cm. wide x 25.5cm deep x 18cm. high. Measurements when fully opened 38cm. wide x 36.5cm max. high x 50cm. deep. The outside of the box has a few small dents commensurate with wear and we mention this for accuracy purposes. This is a truly stunning and very rare writing box in original condition.